Children are our passion at The Planning Council, because we know the future really does lie in their hands. So, how we nurture, educate, and care for the youngest citizens in our community matters.

The Planning Council’s work for children focuses on quality childcare, including recruiting, training, registering, and connecting providers to families in need. From helping childcare providers serve healthy and nutritious meals through the USDA’s Food Program, to assisting providers achieve the next level of quality childcare ratings, to linking military families with special needs children to respite care providers, our staff is dedicated to helping children thrive and succeed.

Helping Childcare Providers Succeed

The Planning Council works closely with childcare providers in much of Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. So, depending on where you’re located, The Planning Council can help you reach the next level in the quality of your childcare program. We also provide the link between providers and families seeking affordable, quality childcare, including Military families in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) needing respite care providers.

Center Childcare Providers
Center Childcare Providers
The Planning Council provides free technical assistance and training to licensed center-based childcare providers. And – we are a major sponsor of the USDA’s Food Program, assisting you with reimbursement and technical assistance that help provide healthy and nutritious meals and snacks for your children.
Home Childcare Providers
Family Childcare Providers
If you’re a home childcare provider and want to ensure you’re up on the latest standards in quality childcare and health and nutrition, learn how The Planning Council can help you. If you’re a licensed childcare provider, we can assist you to provide healthy and nutritious meals and snacks with reimbursement and technical assistance. Or – if you’re thinking about starting a family childcare program, we can help you get started.
EFMP Respite Care Providers for Military Families
EFMP Respite Care Providers for Military Families
The Planning Council supports U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force families by connecting them to quality EFMP Respite Care providers. We look for providers who are passionate about working with special needs children and their families, and support you with training and technical assistance.

What Type of Childcare Provider Are You?

Links for Families

Need Respite Care?
Respite Care for Military Families
If you’re a Military family in need of Respite Care so you can leave the house, go to an appointment, or just rest, while knowing that their child is well cared for, The Planning Council is your source.
Parenting Resources
Parenting Resources
For parents and families looking to learn more about good parenting and health and wellness, check out our resources.