The Planning Council – Plans that work to make lives better.

From children’s services to homelessness, The Planning Council identifies issues of regional concern and brings together the decision-makers and resources to address the challenges. With expertise in community needs assessments, compliance auditing, research, and evaluation, our team partners with local governments and businesses, non-profit agencies, and the faith-based community to address the most vulnerable populations’ needs.

As a nonprofit community convener, we administer a variety of local, state, and federal programs to bring the highest quality of care to children, adults, and families in our communities and advocate for initiatives that benefit the region. Since 1941, our dedicated team has reached across geographic boundaries and organizational structures to bring together the right partners to transform ideas into reality.

We believe in serving our team and environment well and therefore have a generous benefits package that includes, but is not limited to, medical, dental, LT and ST disability, life insurance, retirement, an employee assistance plan for all, a liberal PTO program and a paperless system for the majority of our work functions.

Join our team and become an integral player in making a difference!

Current Job Openings

Job Title: Workforce & Community Engagement Administrator (Full Time)

This position will maintain the workflow and work culture for the growing team of ~40. This position is the lynchpin for all things in professional development, subsets of human resources, governance relations, fund development, and communications. At The Planning Council, we believe our team is the best asset we have, and the Workforce & Community Engagement Administrator sees to it that internally the employee’s needs and challenges find resolve, and proper annual and ongoing training is the best that can be offered. Keeping the organization relevant and pushing this message both internally and externally is imperative.

Additionally, a critical component is working in partnership with the CEO, managing the board governance relationships and projects, and assisting in launching and driving the fund development growth of the organization. The Workforce & Community Engagement Administrator is both an in-house and an outward-facing position representing The Planning Council within the greater community and all media outlets, traditional & social media.


The Workforce & Community Engagement Administrator supports all activities of the President/CEO. As far as internal impact, they administer the employee relationship strategy through ADP, the strategic relationship management with our healthcare benefits, and the administration of our annual/ongoing performance management. They drive the onboarding process from start to completion, monitor the recruitment processes, and coordinate all in-house training and team gatherings. They monitor a regular flow of external & internal communications. They hold responsibility for the day-to-day management of the office, some parts directly, but most indirectly. This position requires strong organizational skills, critical thinking, and the ability to anticipate next steps. Regular communication and updates to the CEO create a productive partnership and are critical to success in the position.

As far as external impact, they are the liaison to the Board of Directors, they work to build the infrastructure for all fund development efforts, and they push all community leader relationships toward the betterment of TPC.



Job Title: Respite Care Specialist ( Full Time)

This program is designed to offer local military families the ability to take a much-needed break and rejuvenate while knowing their child with special needs is being well cared for. At The Planning Council, we fulfill the contractual agreement with Child Care Aware of America in hiring, training, and monitoring qualified care providers for military families who have a child or children with special needs, and exceptional family members. These families are eligible for monthly hours of respite sponsored by the Navy. This position reports to the Respite Care Team – Program Manager.


The Respite Care Administrative Support Specialist supports the activities of the Exceptional Family Member (EFM) Respite Care Team. They are responsible for the recruitment, training, and monitoring of care providers. Additionally, this individual serves as the liaison between participating families and Child Care Aware of America. They will regularly engage in verbal and written communication between partner agencies, families, and providers. This position requires strong organizational skills and critical thinking. Regular communication with Providers, Families, and Respite Team is critical to success in the position.