Mr. Carter Smith – Board Chair

The Honorable Martin Thomas, Jr., ESQ – Vice Chair

CAPT Matt Frauenzimmer – Treasurer

Ms. Cydney Lopez – Secretary

Ms. Oneiceia Howard – Immediate Past Chair


Ms. Eva Wiggins

Ms. Serena Amerson

Ms. Nicole Brown-Griffin

Mr. Greg Grootendorst

Mr. JT Hasty

Mr. James R. Herndon

Mr. Dalip Kapoor, ESQ

Ms. Kate Ellis, ESQ

Ms. J. Gail Nicula, Ph.D

Ms. Patrycja Plucinski

RADM Byron E. “Jake” Tobin (Ret.)

Ms. Jo Ann Short, Ex Officio

Senior Management

President/Chief Executive Officer

VP of Finance

Vice President, Community Planning and Development

Community Engagement Director

Director, Continuum of Care Programs

Director, Data Systems & HMIS Administration

CACFP Program Director

Respite Care Program Director

(757) 622-9268 Ext. 3008

(757) 622-9268 Ext. 3012

(757)622-9268 Ext. 3002

(757) 622-9268 Ext. 3022

(757) 622-9268 Ext. 3004

(757) 622-9268 Ext. 3033

(757) 657-0716

(757) 622-9268 Ext. 3050

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