TPC is delighted to have Ashley Moorehead as a Field Monitor for the CACFP team in Maryland! She came into her role with TPC five years ago when she learned the field monitor for her very own home childcare services was departing. She took a chance on applying for the job but doubted she would get it. Unbeknownst to her, she is the ideal person for the job!

Ashley wholeheartedly understands the needs, struggles, and hard work of her childcare providers as she has been a home childcare provider for the past 22 years and has been on the receiving end of the CACFP Food Program. Plus, Ashley has and is raising four children (apparently, TPC’s magic number).

She works hand-in-hand with her providers and her supportive CACFP team members to develop creative solutions when it comes to introducing children to food they are unfamiliar with and even skeptical about and to problem-solve challenges providers may experience in adapting and adhering to the very specific Food Program requirements.

The work she does is something to be proud of. She is helping children receive nutritious meals they may never receive at home or elsewhere and is granting the providers access to these nutritious meals they may not be able to afford.

Ashley recognizes the value of the program and has set a goal to recruit 90% of the childcare providers in her assigned county. Her infectious positivity, desire to remain organized, and ability to complete tasks by the end of the day are sure to motivate providers to join, provide a smooth process for incoming providers, and keep current providers on a healthy track.

Although Ashley’s true passion is for children and spending time with them, her role at TPC has allowed her to develop relationships with adults and become, in general, a “people person.” To balance the demands of being social, Ashley lives on a 44-acre farm where she takes peaceful walks outside. Please find some time to say hi to Ashley and let your social skills mix!