Azici Scott is the Accounting Specialist in the Finance Department at The Planning Council (TPC). One aspect of Azici’s role is to receive and analyze ALL invoices for TPC to question any charges and ensure we are not overpaying. She understands the limited funds a nonprofit operates on and how it is important to account for where the money is going. Her other accounting duties (payroll, benefits, cost codes, allocations, etc.) prove demanding as every day prompts an investigation resulting from some type of inquiry. Fortunately, in the finance world everything can be tracked down to a concrete answer and Azici is determined to drive it to resolution.

Although Azici’s work may be in the background, instead of through direct contact, she is making an impact on our clients’ lives and proving TPC to be a system of support to those in need. She issues payments to our partner’s employees who are facing financial hardship and to childcare providers nurturing the children of our future.

This system of support rings throughout the culture of TPC, providing a family unit to Azici. The social atmosphere has permitted Azici to break away from her former introvert ways that had carried over from prior work environments. She values the personal relationships she has developed and the unique personality of each colleague.

Not only does Azici give 100% to her friendships and job duties, but she also sets the overachiever bar as the “best mom ever” independently raising and catering to the diverse needs of her four children (including a set of twins). Before Azici starts her busy day, she lifts weights every morning and is currently preparing for a 5K run in May. On the other side of this workout enthusiast coin and in true Gemini fashion, her sweet tooth would allow her to eat nothing but donuts and candy all day long. Just as Azici is devoted to her children and has aspirations for them, she has dreams for herself such taking her bucket list vacation to Dubai. As Azici strives for her achievements, let’s recognize her accomplishments and all that she brings to TPC!