As the Community Program Specialist at The Planning Council (TPC), Cheyenne Wesley has the opportunity to help the working community. TPC serves as an unbiased third party contracted by Sentara, Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS), and City of Chesapeake to administer their employee assistance programs (EAPs). When their employees experience a catastrophic financial loss or hardship through no fault of their own that may keep them from work, Cheyenne reviews each employee’s application for support, determines their eligibility based on guidelines, and distributes financial assistance. The work she does prevents these employees from losing their home and becoming displaced, helps them avoid disconnection of utility services, allows them to afford groceries and household needs, and keeps them on their feet and employed.

It is a no wonder that Cheyenne won TPC’s “Light at the End of Tunnel” award. Cheyenne not only expresses kindness and positivity, she sets an example of it! She believes kindness is beneficial in any situation. Perhaps Cheyenne could be the face of TPC. Like the EAP programs that Cheyenne works with, TPC takes the time to understand each employee’s situation and grants flexibility in a wide variety of ways when life events happen to our staff.

The staff at TPC continuously gives back to the community by improving what they can within the specific program for which they are responsible. Cheyenne, in particular, has done this by implementing processes to ensure EAP payments are received by the proper party in record time.

Besides being kind, positive, and giving back to others, you may wonder what Cheyenne likes to do for fun. Cheyenne is a PBS and BBC enthusiast. She has a history of writing poetry, and recently developed an interest in Formula 1 racing. Cheyenne has four sons, three grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. She enjoys volunteering, container gardening, and sending cards to keep in touch. Fun fact: when Cheyenne was living the retired life in 2010, she dropped by her former employer, TPC, to deliver a Thanksgiving Day card. What she received in return was a job offer to administer the employee assistance programs. Fourteen years later, she is still with TPC.

Let’s GIVE a big shout out to Cheyenne for all that she has GIVEN to us and our community!