Jordan SchallerJordan Schaller of The Planning Council is the Director of Data Systems and HMIS Administration for the 330 Hampton Road users of HMIS (Homeless Management Information System). All agencies that provide direct services to those experiencing homelessness and who receive federal funding from HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) are required to collect demographic data on each individual served and report that information in HMIS. Jordan turns the intricate, reported data into tangible, visual outputs so funders can understand the population being served and the outcomes of the services they are receiving.

When most people think of data, they think of numbers, but these numbers represent people and people have a story to tell. Upon analyzing data, Jordan can isolate where individuals’ connection to service may have been missed and determine a plan of action to meet the unaddressed needs of these individuals. These “numbers” inform what is working and what is not working. These “numbers” are sought out by TPC so we can identify community needs, provide people with solutions, and improve lives.

In an ideal environment, Jordan would expand her team by an additional 1.5 persons. Regardless, as the responsible party to our region’s Continuums of Care, Jordan and her “small but mighty” team are determined to provide beyond “what is required to what is desired” to give people “what they want instead of just what they need.”

After 8.5 years with TPC, Jordan has established herself as a trustworthy leader willing to face challenges and has earned autonomy to oversee the HMIS program. Jordan is a firm believer in the philosophy “work to live, not live to work, and love what you do.” You can find her wholeheartedly contributing to a greater purpose each day while at work and traveling in her personal life. She has hiked the Camino in Spain, ventured to Italy, and will be backpacking in Slovenia. Her goal is to visit every national park.

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