TPC has the honor of having Karen Griffith, the Continuum of Care Coordinator for the Greater Virginia Peninsula, on our staff for four years now!

Karen individually guides and supports over 30 non-profit, shelter, school, and jail providers by helping them organize and deliver housing and wrap-around services (governed by HUD policies) to meet the specific needs of people experiencing homelessness.

I’m sure you can imagine the amount of responsibility and the jam-packed schedule Karen faces each day, but according to Karen’s philosophy, “Somebody got to do it.” And, boy, does she get it done. Her dedicated time and attention have established a trusting relationship with each provider, and in return, the providers have shown unquestionable determination in the mission to end homelessness.

Through collaborative efforts, Karen and the providers exhaust all efforts to analyze and solve the most unique individual circumstances. And every day is something new. Thank goodness Karen enjoys cracking a mystery and finding that last piece of the puzzle.

A little less business talk and more about Karen. Karen received her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Roanoke College. Her commitment to understanding the interactions between communities is further evidenced by her travels to Japan, two African continents, and a summer abroad in London. To help replenish all that Karen gives to others, she finds some self-care time by knitting/crocheting, working out, and exploring new activities (such as aerial fitness, surfing, and museums).

What Karen likes about working for The Planning Council is the culture of acceptance and appreciation. Let’s continue this support by reaching out to get to know Karen’s authentic self and thank her for her impactful contributions to the community she serves.