Menia Armstrong has been with The Planning Council for 35 years, a testament to her resounding loyalty, patience, support, and resilience as she has experienced an organization’s lifetime of ebbs and flows. She is proud to be a part of the TPC family and proud that TPC continues to make a positive impact on the community and improving lives.

Menia is the Operations Specialist for the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sponsored by TPC. She works with childcare providers and centers in Virgina, Maryland, and DC that receive reimbursements (channeled through TPC from USDA) for eligible meals they serve to children in their care. To participate in the Food Program, the providers and centers must have a current childcare license which Menia certifies they are in compliance with through communicating their status and updating their profiles. Menia also aids in the enrollment and record keeping of each child to ensure proper meal attendance is accounted for. Each month, Menia along with other CACFP staff, processes every childcare’s meal and attendance reimbursement claims submitted to the TPC Finance Department for payment. This entails matching up data and verifying the claims accuracy.

Menia enjoys her role in helping childcare providers by being a listening ear when they are in need of social support or when delivering a service that allows a provider to grow from offering in-home childcare to operating their own childcare center. The benefit of the Food Program reaches beyond the walls of childcare and into the homes of these children. A parent’s daily burden and expense are lessened as they can trust their child will receive a daily meal, a nutritious one at that. With their connection with the food program, a parent can learn of new and healthy ways of feeding a child at home that kids enjoy. Menia connects this work to TPC’s mission as the Food Program contributes to the growth and development of fellow community members’ children.

The community impact Menia delivers is further evidenced by her serving as a head usher at her church and volunteering two times a month to distribute food to those in need. Menia also enjoys crafting themed gift baskets for others. Menia has two children and she describes their relationship as a rock given how supportive and dedicated they are to one another. With all that Menia gives, she does find some “I’m doing me” time while line dancing. One may think that Menia must have some great organizational skills to do all that she does. Well, she does. Menia prepares her entire workweek’s wardrobe (pressed, hung, and jewelry included) every weekend. One must be prepared to meet her many priorities.

Let’s reach out to Menia to give the honest support and gratitude she has inherently given to us!