The Data Behind the Best Decisions to End Homelessness

Through data-driven decision-making and collective impact, The Planning Council takes ending homelessness in our region very seriously.  As a long-time partner within the region’s Continuums of Cares (CoC) and the HMIS, we are at the forefront of efforts to prevent and end homelessness in the greater Hampton Roads region and beyond. And – it all begins with systematically and methodically collecting and interpreting data to develop sustainable solutions.

The Planning Council Team that presented at the NJSDC conference on system performance tools and dashboards.
Jordan Schaller, Rachael Gibson, Ashley Love, and Amanda (Brandenberg) Ofsonka presented at 3 sessions at the National Human Services Data Consortium conference in Philadelphia. They showed off some of the great system performance tools and dashboards they’ve created, along with developing innovative ways to best manage data compliance across multiple programs. Ashley Love partnered with the Virginia Supportive Housing Team to present one of the sessions. All their sessions were packed, and everyone was amazed at the content!

The Planning Council works closely with the Southeastern Virginia Homeless Coalition (SVHC) and the Greater Virginia Peninsula Homelessness Consortium (GVPHC) to help prevent homelessness and provide housing to those at risk of becoming homeless across Southeastern Virginia.

The reports provided below are prepared by The Planning Council on behalf of the GVPHC and SVHC, in our role as Lead Agency.

Southeastern Virginia Homeless Coalition 

Southeastern Virginia Homeless Coalition (SVHC) serves as a regional Continuum of Care (CoC) organization, responsible for coordination and management of local, federal and state funding for homeless services. SVHC includes more than 40 member agencies and individuals working to address homelessness across 1,700 square miles and six jurisdictions: the cities of Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and Franklin, as well as Isle of Wight and Southampton counties.

Each year, homeless coalitions across the country conduct a Point in Time Count (PIT) count to estimate the number of persons experiencing homelessness living in their respective region and Housing Inventory Count (HIC) during the same 24-hour period in January. The 2023 Point in Time Count was conducted across the 6 jurisdictions that comprise the Southeastern Virginia Homeless Coalition. Overall, 653 persons were counted in 2023, which is a 12% decrease over the 2022 count of 738.

2023 Southeastern Virginia Point in Time (PIT) & Housing Inventory Count (HIC) Report

Southeastern Virginia Homelss Coalition logo

Greater Virginia Peninsula Homelessness Consortium

The Greater Virginia Peninsula Homelessness Consortium (GVPHC) serves as a regional Continuum of Care (CoC), the forum responsible for coordination and management of federal, state and local funding for homeless services. GVPHC is a regional body whose mission is to develop, sustain and coordinate comprehensive continuum of care for citizens at risk of, and experiencing homelessness. The GVPHC is comprised of six jurisdictions in eastern Virginia: Newport News, Hampton, Poquoson, Williamsburg, James City County and York County.

Each year, at one point in time during the same 24-hour period in January, GVPHC conducts a Point in Time (PIT) count  to estimate the number of persons experiencing homelessness, and Housing Inventory Count (HIC) to identify how many beds are available.

2023 Greater Virginia Peninsula Point in Time (PIT) and Housing Inventory Count (HIC) Report

Greater Virginia Peninsulua Homeless Consortium logo