The Planning Council Helps The City of Chesapeake Collect Donations For the Walmart Tragedy

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A collection of lit candlesDecember 2, 2022. As a trusted partner, The Planning Council is helping the City of Chesapeake collect donations in the wake of the November 22nd Walmart tragedy. Tragedies such as these reverberate throughout the entire community. The Chesapeake community continues to heal after losing six lives in the shooting.

Through their website, The Planning Council will receive all donations and direct 100% of the gifts equally to all ten families, the six that were murdered and the four that were injured. Click here for more about The Planning Council’s Role

As always, The Planning Council stands ready to offer support and assistance when a crisis strikes our community. President and CEO Jo Ann Short shares, “Following the tragic shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, we knew we needed to be involved and launched the vehicle to receive individual donations to support all the victims and their families directly.”

Anyone interested in donating can CLICK HERE.